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Hey everyone we are super excited to bring you another breakdown of a familiar framework here at the Borrego Brothers. Not only do we break down the framework along with a downloadable PDF but we also rate the framework on different factors to help you understand how to apply it to your business.


Have you ever heard somebody say, “You know, we really don’t do marketing. We are referral based.” I’ve actually heard marketing agencies say that and that freaks me out. If a marketing agency says something like that, you should just go running because I believe especially if you’re a marketing agency of any kind, whether it’s content or video based or just plain old marketing agency, you should be able to get multiple leads from multiple channels. You should be able to get many leads from multiple channels, whether that be cold, warm, organic or paid, you should be able to get all four in my opinion. The reason I could say that is because we have and we do. That’s what we do.

We do give referrals but we also get lots of business from a lot of different ways. That’s what we’re going to be going over today. I’m going to give you the cheat sheet on Hermoji’s beautiful framework, this four square framework that I just love. I absolutely adore it because it simplifies everything and allows you to attack it in a focused manner. Let’s get to it. What is the Hermoji framework? I’m going to give you a downloadable cheat sheet. I’d also recommend the 100 million dollar leads, it’s a fantastic book. It’s amazing. But first, let’s go over it. The first one is, number one is warm leads.

That means inbound, sorry, that means warm outreach. Basically you are taking people that you know or contacts from your phone and you’re letting them know that if you know anybody that may utilize this service or that can insert your service or product, please send them my way in your own contacts list.

That’s one. The second is cold outreach which would be like cold email or maybe cold calling. That’s cold. The third is organic posting and essentially that’s just social media posting and organic. The fourth is paid advertisement. What we’re going to do is we’re going to rate all of these so that you can understand how you can apply it to your business if you should, when you should apply it to your business based on whether you have more time or more money. I love this. I love that I did this because it allows you to shortcut your way to figure out what you need to do immediately for your own business based on what you actually have and the resources you do have.

So, number one is warm outreach. Let’s rate it.

The attributes that I’m rating it for are cost to start up, set up time, speed to lead and automation ability. For warm outreach, the cost to start up is essentially it’s an eight. It’s very good because there’s no cost to start up. It’s a high score. Set up time, it didn’t take that long to set up. It’s literally just your contacts list.

The speed to lead is great because a lot of the times if it’s in your contact list, the person usually trusts you and they’re probably going to be able to send you a referral pretty quickly. Now, this is where it starts getting a little, in terms of drawbacks, automation ability is pretty low. It’s like a three because you don’t really want to try to automate this because that’d be like blasting all your personal contacts and I doubt anybody would want to do that and that’s probably ill advised because maybe there’s an ex-girlfriend or something out there. I don’t know. But anyways, it’s just a joke.

Longevity is a two because at a certain point, you’re going to definitely run out of your own personal contacts most likely unless you’re extremely well connected but for most of us,

there’s not that many. I mean, there’s probably a decent amount more than you think. There’s probably at least a thousand people which is incredible but you’re going to have to sit through that and filter all that out and probably end up with like 200, 300 people you would actually contact to ask this and so you’ll run out relatively quickly but it’s still a good start. The cold outreach, now the cost of startup is for cold outreach, we’re talking about cold email. Let’s say cold email for example, right?

Even cold calls. The cost of startup is actually an eight because it’s usually very low. The cost of startup is pretty low. Especially for cold calls, you literally just need your phone. For cold email, it’s a little bit more time. Well, that’s the thing. It’s a lot more time intensive for cold email but in terms of money, it’s very low.

The set of time for cold outreach is where it takes the longest, I would say this is three, for cold email. For cold calls, the set of time isn’t that long at all. It’s a little different between these two but for cold email, it does take a bit longer if you don’t know what you’re doing. For cold email, you kind of have to know what you’re doing.

You need to know the right software, you need to know how to acquire it. It depends, there’s different methods on how to do it. Cold email is a bit of a beast but it has some fantastic pros. There’s also a lot of software for cold calling as well if you want to be more efficient. The speed to lead, right? Speed to lead is four because it can take a pretty long time. You’re going to have to get a lot of rejections, a lot of no’s before you get any yes’s. It just takes time.

It’s a grind but once you start getting some traction, momentum from it, it’s pretty incredible. The automation ability is a 10. For cold email specifically, for cold email, it’s absolutely incredible. So automation is bar none the best it could possibly be. Cold calls, you can automate quite a bit with it as well. So it’s great in that sense too. The longevity is an eight because you can usually always buy bigger lists, more lists, as long as you just have the list. And you can also rinse through that list. You don’t have to just do it once, you can do it again.

I know somebody who has had the same list of 30,000 people and they ran through it 30 times, which is unreal over like a six month time period and they still get leads from it. So you’d be amazed. Longevity is about an eight because, oh, let’s get that. Now let’s talk about organic posting. So the cost to start up for organic posting is a 10 because there’s no cost. It’s basically just your time. And that’s what we’re going to talk about a little later. But the cost to start up is very, very low and that’s why it’s highly, highly recommended.

Set up time is a six because it does take some time. It’s not, especially if you want to actually do it right. You want to try a social plan as much as you can. Some people also do an amazing job of literally just every single day. But if you are a business owner, it’s a little tougher to try to not plan but also have it being consistent on your business along with your personal.

You have to kind of choose one or the other a lot of times or you could just be a madman, madwoman and just be able to do both, which is unreal how people can do that and still be effective. But for me, I like to plan things out a long time advance. That way things are posting automatically and I don’t have to ever worry about it. So and automate, that’s why I say the automation ability or I’m sorry, hold on. The speed first, let’s talk about the speed to lead. This is the biggest drawback a lot of times. Speed to lead with organic posting, unless you’re just fired, right? Unless you’re fired out of the gate. It’s usually a one because most people, not all people. Some people right out of the gate, they’re just fired, which is incredible. And I commend them.

That’s amazing how some people can just burst out of the gate and just boom. But for the rest of us mere mortals, we have to consistently do better and fail and just figure it out as we go along and it can take a long time. And because we’re trying to figure things out and trying to dial in the message every single day, it just takes time. So it could take months to a year before you really get some leads flowing in from organic posting. But usually people are watching and so I would still record. That’s why, but once you start getting it actually clicking and working, it’s incredible because the automation ability is a 10.

The automation ability you can do with organic social media posting if you have the content is bar none, some of the most incredible that you could possibly have. And the longevity is a 10 because on one of my YouTube channels, I have over 1500 subscribers. I still get leads from that channel and some videos are still getting more and more views and I don’t do anything to them. So it’s incredible.

The longevity, if you create great high value videos can pay off dividends years and years as years go on. The paid ads, so the cost of startup for paid ads is a four because usually you do have to have some money to actually do the ads. You have to and that’s just the name of the game. But that’s why I love Facebook because you can usually stretch a dollar really, really far with Facebook.

You just have to know, you just have to have expertise in it to stretch it more and more. The set of time is five because it does take a little bit of time to set up. You do usually want to at least know or either you’re going to have to spend the time and fail a lot.

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