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This is a brief overview of the marketing strategy for one of our clients. We give you a full breakdown of principles that we believed need to be followed to achieve this strategy.

Transcription –

So how did she do it? Nearly 70, okay, how does she do it? Shelby Tarleton puts $1,000 in, gets $70,000 out. A 70x return, unbelievable.

It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

Here’s the thing, it’s always about the hook, story, offer, but the foundation is the brand.

Great creative, a video personality can give you… So great creative, a video personality, great creative, a video personality can override…

So a great creative, a video personality can override the brand. That’s why we love video because it can give you an extreme competitive advantage even if you don’t have a big, big brand. But if you have that along with a very powerful brand, then sky’s the limit.

So let’s go over the three principles of amplifying ROI. Number one, let’s talk about her brand. It’s really no surprise that she’s able to do that kind of… It’s really no surprise that she’s able to do that kind of number because she has been working in the industry on her brand for a decade. And not only that, she has won awards, she’s done a lot of networking, she has basically everyone knows her in the industry. So yes, it does make sense why she was able to amplify at least on her brand account. And I think this goes for everyone where you needed to start building the brand yesterday and that’s fine. You can always start today. And what I would always recommend is pick one social media channel and double down on it, triple down. There’s got to be some channel that you really, really gravitate towards that makes a lot of sense to you, whether it be YouTube, TikTok, Instagram. One of those channels where you watch, you understand it and you can just double down and you love it yourself. But listen, there’s other ways to build your brand too. Shelby built her brand brick and mortar style. I’m not saying that she didn’t actually build her brand social media style. It was a part of it. Like her podcast, for example, where she has 232 podcasts. That is a side note because she has other, you know, she does Instagram quite a bit, but I wouldn’t say that that is her most powerful asset. I would say her most powerful asset where she originally built her brand was Pink Lady Lash, her actual brick and mortar and where she won awards, where she really branched out in her own community and expanded out, went through trade shows, networked.

And that’s where she really kind of cut her teeth and built her brand that way. Now principle two, understand the hook, story and offer.

When it comes to direct advertisement, you need to understand the hook, story and offer. And a hook is basically anything that you can use to grab a person’s attention, right? In a fashion ad, you really need something kind of, you know, either crazy or wild or unique or interesting or curious, something to grab their attention. You know, it can be anything from just a, let’s say, you know, beautiful girl talking in front of a camera about a certain product, if it’s, you know, beauty or something, but she also has a very quirky personality, you know, or if it’s anything like just like a crazy guitar solo in the beginning, not necessarily for the ad. It just depends on what product or service you’re selling. You know, if you’re doing like a, if you’re like a mariachi group, like a really interesting skit like right in the beginning and fast paced, right? You know, just anything that any type of hook that can create like a very curious or create some curiosity and spark to watch and at the beginning of the story, right? Now let’s move to story.

In a story, you want to get the, you want to understand like the hero, you want to understand the hero’s journey. So understanding, try to talking about a person’s problems and then agitate those problems, help solve that problem, right? Have like a rebirth and have it. Then we talk about a story where you’re talking about a problem or a conflict and then you have somebody, do you try to have, you tell somebody why you’re posting.

Then a story to tell people.

Then a story to tell people who you are, why you’re doing it. Then a story to tell people who you are, why you’re posting this, then have a conflict or challenge that aligns with them and their conflict or challenge, how you can help them solve it and then, and then a great irresistible offer. If you put out an ad in here, crickets, then one of those are not up. Then one of those are not up. Then one of those are not optimized.

So reload and shoot again. Principle number three, understand who you serve. This is a tricky one and it’s honestly been one of our hardest and most difficult things to understand for our own business. But essentially, and it’s probably not hard, it’s definitely not going to be hard for every single business.

Sometimes it should be pretty darn obvious, but it can still be very difficult because a lot of times you’re trying to gravitate towards, or we still even do business for a long time for a lot of different people and a lot of different services, a lot of different offers, right? A lot of times the most successful businesses are the ones that are very focused on what they serve and they only serve a certain group of people and they serve those people really well.

I’m not saying it has to be like that for everyone, but you should at least know a niche and try to stick around that niche, right? So that you can understand who you serve, especially if you’re trying to put ads out and have creative in front of them. That way you can call them out. Soccer moms, did you know you need this? That kind of thing. Or football dads, dads who love football.

Maybe if you’re selling a football product or it can be, or if you’re a lawyer, it can be, there’s different niches in almost every type of industry that you really want to try to carve out as much as possible. For us it was a little different. Sometimes it can be very different.

That’s also why it was hard because we’re service based, service niche based locally, right? So we do a certain niche, but we’re local because we’re doing video agencies. So we’re, because we’re a video agency, so we’re niche based on our service, right? We do fantastic commercial creative, focus on ROI, but in local territory because we’re video. So we need to be able to travel to people.

So we work with a lot of different types of businesses, but usually there are certain size. We won’t go into it, but that’s kind of like gives you idea of you want to at least have like a narrow, try to have a narrow service offering, one offer, one audience type at a time. And that’s, that’s how you want to think about it. So those are the three principles, right? So understand your brand, understand and try to build your brand as much as you can, as fast as you can. And the second one is understand hook, story and offer. And the third is you got to understand your niche, understand who you serve.

You know, so many times I’ll talk to people and they don’t know who their target persona is. That’s a problem. And you got to work on it, kind of think about it and try your best to focus on it. And sometimes maybe the person you serve isn’t the best person to be serving or the person that you want to serve. Maybe you should already, that you’re already serving, you just need to double down on it.

So anyways, these are things that we can help us because something we’ve had to battle for years. So we know the ins and outs. Again, so I’m Lewis with the Berego Brothers. Very excited to have you. Thank you so much for watching this video. Comment with your niche. You know, what’s your niche? Who do you serve? You know, and how, hopefully this video has helped you. Comment with any feedback and yeah, subscribe to the channel. Thank you so much.