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Imagine this, a gorgeous jet-black lamborghini huracan racing through the track. The tires gripping to the heat of the track, going nearly 200 mph, the engine roaring like a lion in the safari, and then through the window, you see a determined, hyper-focused driver in all black peering into the abyss of the future.

If you’ve been in business long enough, you have seen the abyss. We all have. The number one killer of business is lack of business. Simple but not easy. Vincent, the owner of Stallion Capital, already had a pipeline but he knew he had to evolve. Most wealth/capital management firms are word of mouth and stay word to the mouth, but inevitably unless you are in the top 1% of the 1% you go on a roller coaster ride.

So Vincent quite literally grabbed the bull by the horns and took everything up ten gears.

We started working together on a mini documentary giving us endless organic clips to post on Stallions behalf but that was only the beginning.

The Mini Doc called Racing with Stallion Capital

Doing a documentary let gave us a deep and unique understanding of who Vincent truly was. His passions, his fears, his triumphant, his beliefs, and much more. With my brother and I, its not about selling you a package to put you as another number in our card deck.

It’s about forming a bond, a brotherhood with fellow business owners to help us 10x multiply together. To do that, we need to start from the soil, the blood that makes you move, so we can think and give you more brain power on your behalf so we are aligned with your vision for your future.

Sales in your sleep while your systems steep

I couldnt help myself, I love rhymes especially on signs when marketing is divine. Alright Ill stop now. Lets talk about systems in your sleep.

One incredible innovation is digital advertising in the modern day and age. It all started with the right video ad, the right ad system setup, the right campaign we like to use conversion campaigns, making sure your data is setup and the funnels are funneling over the leads to the proper CRM system.

This all sounds practical and easy but with all these moving parts things can and do go awry. Meta will block or ban your account for what would seem small infractions and sometimes entire accounts are lost. There are security breaches all the time.

Things get serious real fast especially when you are dealing with thousands of dollars flowing in and out. Thankfully we have never had a security breach (knock on wood) but we are always on the lookout.

Currently we have 3 working campaigns including google ads and the lead results plus quality have been other worldly. It didn’t start off that way. We needed several months to tune things in mostly because we’re trying to target accredited investors.

Can facebook offer quality leads? What about LinkedIn ads or google ads?

In my opinion every single large advertisinge outlet can offer you quality leads its just about how well you know the software and your expertise behind your marketing. Now the difference with facebook is that you can extend that dollar very far with a very forgiving algorithm. Lead forms are one of the best way to test your targeted demographic and people would be very surprised to find you can absolutely find the highest quality lead off of facebook.

Everyone in the world essentially has a facebook. It is the most widely, commonly used platform. Its not everyones go to and yes different age groups use it differently but you can still get to nearly everyone with your ad if you market the hell out of it.


So Stallion was and continues to fill their pipeline in their sleep with ads running at night, on the weekends and all day. It all started with the video process and making magic together. Its a handshake of sorts, there’s a lot that needs to be done for even a video to work properly but if you are open to working with a local team here in Austin give us a shout, we’re only a phone call away.

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