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How in the heck do you make 100K a month right out of the gate with a new company? Well in short. Work. In the long, its a process and I pronise by the end of this case study you will get a firm understanding of how all of it came to be.

I will be breaking this article up into three parts.

  1. The Power of Branding (Law of Supply & Demand)
  2. SACA (Setting & Closing Appointments)
  3. Systems

First lets break down what I believe is a requirement for course building or at least a way to make sure you have the right targeted niched audience for your launch.

Do you have the right people for the right offer at the right time?

Shelby Tarleton had grown her audience over a decade before releasing this business to the public.She had already been very well known in hter space, offering a ton of great free content for years including her podcast alongside an award winning salon in the local area to start things off with.

So. There’s that. She was a pretty amazing entrepreneur off the bat, all we had to do was set up the tee and it would be out of the park right? Not exactly.

Shelby and the B&B team worked extensively together on the site, the messaging, targeted the right audience at the right time, the course materials, the videos, the scripts for the videos, the aesthetic of the videos and much more. There was a lot of work that had to be done before even beginning one ad run.

One big difference was that Shelby knew her audience. She knew her audience extremely well. If there is a competitive advantage, it would be Shelby’s incredible knowledge of her core audience.

With her insightful knowledge of the industry, her timing was perfect, she released one of the first all-virtual programs shortly after COVID when people still wanted to stay inside. So that, in combination with everything, skyrocketed the business—a brilliant time to understand when to feed a hungry market at the right time.

Helping her build social proof with stunning testimonials


SACA stands for setting and closing appointments. If there’s one thing all entrepreneurs/ sales manager/ business owners understands is that if you want to get to 1 million, you must solve this problem first. You must understand how to set appointments and close them. And it was from that point on we built systems around helping target more people through video ads and marketing.

3. Systems

We helped build a CRM to harvest and organize the leads creating webhooks that automatically added the leads to the CRM system from facebook advertising. Then helped build scripts and follow-up systems to help nurture lead generation after the fact. All of it comes down to attracting leads with video ads, schedule lead, nurturing lead, and building up her sales pipeline for success.

All in all it was a 3-month process to help her prepare, and we are still dialing things into this day. Refreshing creative, trimming, fine-tuning, and more. Its always a process with marketing, but ultimately its the most rewarding. Thank you for tuning in and if you ever have a need for video advertising give us a shot we’re only a message or a call away!

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