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LBS stands for Lash Boss Summit. It’s a summit held for a huge swath of female lash entrepreneurs to cut their teeth and their lashes on the latest trends, marketing tips, and ways to grow their business in the industry. Shelby Tarleton our client tasked us to help with a myriad of different tasks to help explode ticket sales for the event.

Shelby one of the most well-known Lash Entrepreneurs in the space was determined to make her first event a success so we strategized with her, and this is what we came up with.

First, we made a webisode series to create hype around the event. Then we emailed pieces of the webisode out on social media to further influence the hype, otherwise known as content splintering, coined by Ryan Deiss the Owner of Digital Marketer.

Second we created an ad series based around the event in a conversion campaign with lead forms that offered special discounts based around the time of the ad itself. We had several promotions leading up to the event.

Third, since we had done expos and summits before we offered her advice one of which was the Lash Cash. We had seen it done before at different events but this would be a first for the industry. So many people use goodie bags to help make people feel comfortable for forking out the investment for the ticket so they feel like they left with something, except the fact there’s usually a problem with trash and not everyone uses everything in the goodie bags.

So Shelby, Brandon and I came up with the idea of Lash Cash. An innovative concept that helped eliminate waste and let the attendees purchase whatever they want with the cash itself.

The event was a tremendous success with the event location having to be moved because of such a large attendance.

The Borrego Brothers shot all the videos including the recap video itself.

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