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Stallion Capital / Service

Steak in the Game Ad

The highest-performing ad for Stallion Capital. This ad regularly achieves high levels of lead flow on a weekly basis for a relatively low ad cost. Its also the weirdest ad. So weird = high ROI. Who knew?

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Stallion Capital / Service

Cars n Cocktails Promotion

This is the second-highest-performing ad for Stallion Capital. With its sweeping camera movements, high paced action-packed cinematography, its aggression and ambiance push people to make a move.

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Fireball Whiskey / Product

Fireball Whiskey Ad

A globally recognized brand hired us to do a short, sweet, spicy commercial for them. We chopped it and sent it off for global distribution.

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Lash Boss Radio / Service

Lash Boss Radio Ad

We like to call these types of ads V2 style. They are focused on hook, comedic action and a beautiful spirit that lifts the brand for a specific call to action. The shoot was enjoyable and we felt the ad was too. Launching soon.

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Lash Boss Pro Shop / Product

Lash Boss Pro Shop Promo

The Sephora of the Lash Industry. Lash Boss Pro shop is the beginning of a new era within the beauty industry. We are delighted to be a part of the launch. This promo commercial is one for the ages.

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Lash Boss Summit / Event

Lash Boss Summit

We helped Shelby launch one of the biggest events in the lash beauty industry with over 200 attendees. This was her first live event and we used facebook marketing along with video webisode to make sure the event was stacked and a success.

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TelResource / Service

The Savings Have Landed

TelResource wanted a unique take on their ads to spark curiosity and get people to pick up the phone. This ad focuses on a comedic storytelling journey to help the customer feel delighted to move forward.

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Our Ad Spirit Animals

Please note we did not shoot these ads. These are ads we use for inspiration and aim to achieve the same success.